The Pisapia cosmic christmas e.p.ver2.png


My brother Marc and I have had a dream to make a Christmas record for a while now. This is the year we finally took the leap.

We chose songs from our childhood that moved us and still do. I think we both feel lucky to have grown up with such positive and idealistic messages.

Marc and I began tracking on the day after Thanksgiving. A few days later, our good friends Dan Tyler, Sam Smith and Zac Clark stopped by and we turned an overdub(s) session into an all night impromptu holiday party.

Every year I host a Christmas Jam at Middletree Studio and honestly, it’s one of my favorite nights of the year.

Each year while we’re playing there is a period where I get goose bumps thinking that we’re sending out vibrations that might just end up bringing some peace into this realm of ours.

Everyone who has pledged to help successfully launch my record has touched me deeply. This is my way of giving back and thanking you.

I think I speak for all who were involved in bringing this E.P. forth that we hope it warms your hearts and homes for many holiday seasons to come.

Yours in connection, Joe